Windshield Repair

It is a little known fact that the windshield of your car is an integral part of the Safety
Restraint System.

The integrity of the windshield is directly related to the effectiveness of the Passenger
AirBag during air bag deployment.

Additionally, the windshield serves as a component of the vehicle frame providing up to
45% of the structure of the vehicles cabin in a front end collision and up to 60% stability
in a roll over event.

When a chip or crack is evident, these safety features are compromised and if the chip grows into a larger unrepairable crack, it is severely compromised. Considering the quality of the repair is a judgement of safety.

In fact appearance is secondary to the primary purpose of restoring windshield integrity.

Reference the top 3 subjects to consider when judging the quality of a windshield repair.

Windshield Repair 1

Windshield Repair 2

Windshield Repair 3

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