Start a Conversation, Not a Claim

When you trust us with your vehicle and something doesn’t feel right – tell us. We set out over 20 years ago to change the automotive repair experience for our customers. Our Standard of Excellence, 3 Years Unlimited Miles Guarantee, and state of the art software, facility and equipment are all designed to enhance your experience. We keep meticulous service records for your vehicle so it’s easy to know if a part or service is covered under the Guarantee. We’ve also designed the pay structure for our technicians so that their focus is on a high level of quality, rather than speed and throughput.
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You Can Trust Us

Our customers trust us, so we don’t feel the need to specify that a wiper blade or your motor oil won’t be covered for 3 years under our guarantee… Just like how we don’t expect you to keep every receipt or fill out a stack of paperwork if something goes wrong. If something isn’t right and we notice? We tell you. If something isn’t right and you notice? You tell us. That’s how we keep moving forward, building lifetime relationships with our customers!

We believe that if you want to feel good, do something for yourself – If you want to feel fulfilled do something for others. What we want to do for you is provide a low-stress, trustworthy and enjoyable alternative to the “industry standard” of automotive repair. So rather than making a claim, submitting paperwork and proof of purchase – Talk to Bruce, Kari, or Mikey. Or if you see a couple of guys with big beards, say hello and tell us how we did. We always appreciate your feedback.

Troy and Joey Binder

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