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Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles define not just how we do business, but also how we interact on a personal level, within our team, and with our customers. We strive to exemplify these principles each day, knowing that in order to change anything, we must start with ourselves!

We didn’t arrive at this list overnight, these principles are a collection of lessons learned – family values that have been passed down over generations. How many generations? Read on below to find out!

The Guiding Principles of Leadership

Our ”WHY” is driven by selfless Cause and Purpose.

Binder’s Automotive

Who We Are

Binder’s Automotive is a true family-owned and operated business located in Allentown, PA. If you know your local history, you may know that this is not the first Binder-owned business to serve the Lehigh Valley. Going all the way back to 1865, Constantine Binder opened his bookbindery on Fifth and Turner St’s in Allentown. Constantine’s son Henry Binder partnered with his brother to start Binder Bros Brick in 1887 located at N. 6th St. in Emmaus – as the first brick manufacturer in the area, they eventually expanded to a Kutztown location as well. Henry’s son Allen H. Binder fought in WWII and never opened a business, but his son Allen G.H. Binder resumed the tradition of serving the community with his two sons.

Allen Binder with sons Dale and Ronald Binder, 1959

Allen Binder & Sons

Allen Binder and Sons was established in 1959 at 2407 S Alice St. in Allentown by Allen and his two sons, Dale and Ronald. Together, they built houses throughout the Lehigh Valley, most of which are still occupied today. Dale’s sons Troy and Joey opened Binder’s Automotive in 2000 in Quakertown, moved to Emaus Ave in 2004 and finally found a property with the potential to support their vision, settling in 2014 at our current location we occupy today.

All of our endeavors, past, present and future have two common threads: Family and community. We come together as a family to provide a service to our community. We watched and learned as generations before us achieved success, dealt with failure, and overcame adversity. The result of this education is a direct influence on how we do business today. We are proud to continue a tradition of service to our community and carry on the practice of doing business in good faith with our customers.”

Our Guiding Principles 1

Quakertown Location 2000-2004

23 S 14th St, Quakertown, PA
Our Guiding Principles 2

Emaus Ave Location 2004-2014

2930 W Emaus Ave, Allentown PA
Our Guiding Principles 3

Current Location 2014-Present

6009 Hamilton Blvd, Allentown, PA