A Binder’s Automotive Signature Service is your way of knowing you are receiving a service that isn’t offered anywhere else. It’s why we put our name on it! These services are unique to Binder’s Automotive because we design every service with a particular focus on quality – not speed, not technician compensation – not even convenience. When it comes to the quality of our work and doing the right thing, we make no exceptions.

What does it mean to do the job right? To us, it means providing our team with cutting edge tools, technology and training so that we can work efficiently, while still providing the attention to detail and quality work that our customers have come to expect. It means keeping the customer informed at every step of the repair or service. It means that we don’t conform to the industry standards of paying technicians on volume, sales totals or vehicle throughput. We have no tolerance for cutting corners or careless mistakes, and we show it with the strength of our Guarantee.

We know that our customers are real people, who trust us with their safety and the safety of their passengers each time they visit, and we take that responsibility seriously. That’s why we offer ONLY Signature Services – because there is no substitute for doing the right thing.