Submitting Warranty Claims

To submit car protection warranty claims, you must present your original invoice showing the purchase of Eligible Parts, Labor &/or Tires. All and any warranty claims expressed, implied or otherwise stated must be processed and approved by Binder’s Automotive Inc. to be considered. If you have a warranty claims concern, please contact Binder’s Automotive in Allentown PA at:

6009 Hamilton Blvd.
Allentown PA, 18106
610- 841-2999

Once a warranty claim is opened, you may be required to deliver the vehicle to Binder’s Automotive, at the vehicle owners expense, for a vehicle inspection. Their is no cost whatsoever to the owner for the inspection.

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Where can you obtain warranty claim service:

All car protection warranty claim related inspections, diagnosis &/or repairs must be performed by Binder’s Automotive Inc. Under no circumstances whatsoever will 3rd party reimbursements or 3rd party diagnostic and inspection results be considered.

Rights of Reservation:

Binder’s Automotive Inc., it’s employees, managers and associates, reserve the right to approve or deny car protection warranty claim coverage for any reason at its own discretion at any time. No additional warranty(s) expressed, implied or otherwise stated are offered.

The vehicle owner reserves the right to have a 3rd party inspect, diagnose &/or repair the vehicle, however it shall be done at the owner’s discretion and at the owner’s sole expense.

Binder’s Automotive
Standard of Excellence Warranty:

Coverage is limited to 3 years/36 months/1,095 days with no mileage restrictions. Car protection warranty coverage and all claim submissions, expressly end at midnight on the 1,095th day from the purchase date printed on the original invoice.

This protection covers Eligible Parts and Labor for a term of 36 months from the date on your original invoice for the Premium Parts and Labor purchased. (“Benefit Period”). When an Eligible Part is replaced, the Protection Benefits for that part and associated labor ends.

What parts are eligible?
The benefits of this protection are available only for the Premium Parts and Labor which are listed clearly on the original purchase invoice (“original invoice”) for which a unique part number is imprinted on your original invoice (“Eligible Parts”). This protection is limited to the repair or replacement of Eligible Parts(s) which fail as a result of a manufacturer’s defect.

What is a defective/failed part?
A defective &/or failed part occurs as a result of a defect in material or workmanship for a particular part. It is NOT a failure due to an accompanying or related part failure which causes premature or unintended wear to the particular part covered
under this car protection warranty. A common example of this is if an Eligible water pump fails as a result of an original equipment broken timing belt which was not replaced by Binder’s Automotive Inc.

Important Information

Warranty coverage is limited to Eligible Premium parts only and purchased directly and solely through Binder’s Automotive Inc. and installed by Binder’s Automotive Inc. ASE Certified Technicians at our facility.
Warranty coverage is limited to the particular Eligible part failure and the labor associated with replacement of the failed part. All fluids, chemicals, sealants, etc. directly related to the failed part are also covered. Any part(s) which may become damaged or worn as a result of the warranted part failure, are not covered.

Warranty is void if Eligible parts are damaged as a result of an accident, owner negligence &/or abuse or as a result of related or non-related component failure not covered under the Binder’s Warranty.

Warranty is void if the Eligible parts have been modified, removed or otherwise tampered with by any professional or private 3rd party.

Parts which are considered “normal wear” items which may include but are not limited to brake pads, brake rotors, wiper blades, etc. are not covered for normal wear. If it is determined a normal wear part failed due to a manufacturers defect, the part(s) may be considered for warranty in whole or part.

All sales are final. No refunds will be considered under any circumstances.

Owner is responsible for servicing, maintaining and otherwise repairing the vehicle, its systems and subsystems in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations in a prompt and timely manner to avoid additional damage to vehicle components.
Owner is responsible to act in good faith and judgment in the event of a vehicle &/or component break-down and to use all means possible to safely avoid additional damage.

Owner is responsible to extend due diligence to Binder’s Automotive Inc. to process all claims and perform all repairs in a timely manner within the normal limitations of doing business.

Owner is responsible to furnish such information as may be required.

Warranty is expressly VOID if tire(s) is/are damaged as a result of vandalism or intentional abuse.

Warranty is expressly VOID if uneven tread wear is observed.

  • Binder’s Automotive Inc. reserves the right to solely determine if vandalism or intentional abuse has occurred.
  • Purchaser expressly forfeits any opportunity for arbitration.

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