Signature Series Oil Change Featuring Mobil Oil:

  • Up to 5 Qts. Premium Engine Oil

  • Replace Engine Oil Filter

  • Lubricate chassis where applicable
  • Lubricate all door latches and hinges

  • 10 Point Maintenance Inspection

  • Reset Engine Oil Life Monitor

  • Adjust all tire pressures to Manufacturers Specifications

  • Battery test w/ printed results

  • Fill washer fluid bottle

  • And so much more (More Details Here)
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Mobil Super Oil Change$65.89 + Tax

Mobil One Oil Change$96.89 + Tax

Brake System Fluid Exchange Includes:

  • Clean all of the hydraulic internal components incl. Brake Calipers, Wheel Cylinders (if applicable), Hydraulic Lines & Hoses.

  • Clean the ABS Unit and all hydraulic valves
  • Replace all of the brake fluid
  • Bleed all air from the system

$142.36 + tax
For important information related to hydraulic brake fluid maintenance, click here.

High Definition Computerized 4 Wheel Alignment

Car & SUV
$112.48 + tax

LT. Truck & Large SUV
$137.48 + tax

VW & Certain Audi Models
$124.98 + tax

Euro Vehicles,Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover, Land Rover & Certain Audi Models
$191.22 + tax

Custom lowered/lifted suspension
$314.95 + tax


Automatic Transmission Power Purge Complete Fluid Exchange

  • Clean all internal transmission components
  • Clean the torque converter

  • Clean the oil cooler and cooler lines

  • Replacing all of the fluid

  • Reset Transmission Oil Life Monitor

  • IMPORTANT: Please note this is a COMPLETE transmission fluid exchange, NOT an incomplete “Dipstick” method. For important information related to transmission fluid maintenance, click here.

$215.96 + tax

Annual State Inspection & Emissions Test

  • Passenger Cars, SUV’s & Light Trucks State Inspection (Pass or Fail)$38.25 + tax
  • Emission Inspection (Pass or Fail)$37.71 + tax
  • 5K mile Exemption Fee$31.25 + tax
  • Prices incl. Sticker fees and Emission Program Management fees.

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