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Pre-Owned Vehicle & Pre-Purchase Inspection

At Binder’s Automotive, when our auto experts sell a pre-owned vehicle, we are confident in that vehicle’s ability to perform to the needs of your family for years to come. In order to instill the same kind of confidence in our valued customers, we offer a full pre-purchase inspection that exceeds the standards of the PA State Inspection and is designed to grant you peace of mind in the purchase of your pre-owned vehicle. While no one can see the future, and some problems are simply unavoidable, we want our customers to have every tool at their disposal when making their decision to buy a pre-owned vehicle. That’s why our pre-purchase vehicle inspection is fully comprehensive in regards to the mechanical and electrical functionality of the vehicle. Although the pre-purchase vehicle inspection is $62.49, should you choose to purchase the vehicle, we like to congratulate you on your purchase with a complimentary first oil change, State Inspection, and Emissions test. A more than $110.00 value. We value your business, and while a new vehicle is a big commitment, we want to make sure that all of your questions are answered and you have the utmost confidence in your purchase. Trust the auto experts when making your next vehicle purchase.

$62.49 + tax

Signature Series Oil Change Includes:

  • Up to 5 Qts. Premium Engine Oil

  • Lubricate chassis where applicable
  • Lubricate all door latches and hinges

  • 10 Point Maintenance Inspection

  • Reset Engine Oil Life Monitor

  • Adjust all tire pressures to Manufacturers Specifications

  • Battery test w/ printed results

  • Fill washer fluid bottle

Mobil Conventional and 5W/20 Semi-Synthetic Oil: $42.25 + tax

Mobil Super Full Synthetic Oil: $63.14 + tax

Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Oil: $84.14 + tax

Brake System Fluid Exchange Includes:

  • Clean all of the hydraulic brake system internal components
  • Clean the ABS Unit and all hydraulic valves
  • Replace all of the brake fluid
  • Bleed all air from the system

DOT 3: $121.17 + tax

DOT 4: $143.31 + tax

High Definition Computerized 4 Wheel Alignment

Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz:
$189.00 + tax

$89.00 + tax

All Other Cars:
$79.00 + tax

$89.00 + tax

LT Trucks:
$99.00 + tax

Automatic Transmission Power Purge Fluid Exchange

  • Clean all internal transmission components
  • Clean the torque converter

  • Clean the oil cooler and cooler lines

  • Replacing all of the fluid

  • Reset Transmission Oil Life Monitor

$189.49 + tax

Annual State Inspection & Emissions Test

  • Includes both stickers
  • Emission Program Management Fee & all taxes

  • Passenger Cars

  • SUV’s & Light Trucks

$71.23 + tax

Free Battery and Wiper Blade Installation

For most makes and models


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